Getting to See Deleted Scenes, Autumn In Halifax, Oliver/Reeg, and Colonel Parmisan

I headed out to [LOCATION REDACTED] to see a show with some bands. Up first was Colonel ParmisanMySpace link who did some slick looping noise and feedback. Oliver/Reeg was next in a more electronic form (which I guess is called "AC-DC") and they played a sort-of experimental-alternative rock instrumental kind of thing. Next was Autumn In HalifaxMySpace link who are still a strong favorite of mine … the poetic lyrics over equally-interesting electrically-modified acoustic is just the ticket. Finally was out-of-towners Deleted ScenesMySpace link who also put on a good show with their experimental-alternative rock.

Unfortunately, I can't really talk about where I was because it's a secret. See there's that fairly new law that the City has been using to shut down non-commercial music events — as opposed to out-of-control house parties as it was "intended". As such, the shows are quietly announced through word-of-mouth, and only friends get told where to go.