Retiring Thinnet

I guess it was around 15 years ago that I set up the networking in my house. A few years after that I ran what was to become know as structured wiring for phone, cable, and networking—but I never got around to setting it up in the north side of the house where I set up my office. So for all that time I had phone lines running through the upstairs landing, and the network was 10BASE2 "thinnet" Ethernet which consisted of BNC-terminated RG-58 coaxial cable up the stairwell.

So I finally got around to putting jacks in the walls of the north of the house. So now comes the day which, without fanfare other than this blog post, I unplug the 10BASE2 to 10BASE-T adapters and remove the cables from the landing and staircase.

Transition Networks' Ethernetâ„¢ ToBaseT / 10Base2 Adapter E-CX-TBT-03

The last 10BASE2-to-10BASE-T Ethernet adapter in operation.