Nipplepalooza III at California Brew Haus

I headed to The California Brew Haus (402 West Ridge Rd.) for Nipplepalooza III. I got there just when the show started although I guess I missed Rob Balder. I did get to see him emcee the show, though and he was good in that context at least. When I arrived, Ookla The MokMySpace link had just taken to the stage. I think they're pretty funny but they have this groove-rock, full-fledged song mentality that really doesn't sit well with a one-joke song. Next was Worm QuartetMySpace link who follow the traditional form of novelty songs: only go as long as is necessary. And fast. And sometimes absurdly short — but always really quite funny. Next was Carla UlbrichMySpace link, a funny, witty acoustic soloist … chatty and friendly too. Closing the night was Sudden DeathMySpace link who did novelty hip-hop of a caliber similar to Worm QuartetMySpace link but with videos to go along with it.