Winning the National Novel Writing Month challenge

I was way behind at the start of today for my National Novel Writing Month novel. I should have been had around 1,667 words to go but I lost a couple days and haven't been writing as much as I'd hoped so I started the day with 3,143 words to go after finishing a 2,670 day and a 1,931 day before that — all above average. But I have persevered, and accomplished the goal with 50,098 words written. That count will probably stay if I don't update my profile again before the end of the day.

NaNoWriMo 2007 Winner

I had been reading the inspirational messages from published authors — the website sent them out about once a week — and somewhere in the halfway point, they all seemed to get mired in writer's block. At the time, I felt pretty good. My progress was steady and although I didn't know where things would go or where I'd finish, I could always keep moving. The authors said that was important and I took it to heart.

Well unfortunately, it appears those days are upon me now. Writing slowed to a crawl after Thanksgiving, and I started having doubts. I guess I have a vague goal of where I think things will go, but I don't want to put too heavy a hand on it. I get the impression that things around this point are dogging (and should you ever get to read it in some form and this scene survives, they headed to a coffee shop before going out dancing.) It seems the action is dreadfully slow — my god, will they ever get to the fucking club? But no, I've got to write dialog that plausibly consumes about the right amount of time. At least by my rough estimate. Who knows … it might take days for them to speak it all, but to me it's all done in half-hour bursts. Hell, do people really talk all that much?

So now comes the really hard part. I've finished the challenge and got half a novel sitting here. I no longer feel compelled to write every day thousands of words, so now what? I think I'd like to finish it, but will it just sit on a shelf? I sure hope not … it would be nice to be done with the first draft in the next few weeks, but who knows. At least I gotta get those folks out of that coffee shop before they're stuck there for all of eternity.