John Mossey and Electric Organic at the Bug Jar

I headed to The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave.) to check out the music — despite having the lingering tail of a cold. When I got there, Electric OrganicMySpace link was playing. At the time it was just one guy: he said something about having a band but I didn't catch the details. Anyway, he did some great singing with an acoustic guitar. He seemed quite proficient with it although he limited his style to something akin to down-tempo Neil Young (with a bit of Dylan thrown in as well.)

I didn't stay for all of John MosseyMySpace link's set. He played with a guy on electric piano doing acoustic rock. His guitar kind of sums it up for me: it had a wood front and a rounded, molded plastic back. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it — it produces decent, moderately warm harmony. Obviously, it doesn't have the rich sound of a well-seasoned wood guitar, but it gets the job done. Like, well John Mossey: he does just fine.


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