The Lobster Quadrille and more at the Bug Jar

The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave.) was having a good show tonight and Ali and I got to join in on the fun. First up was The Lobster Quadrille who did a very polished set of their own satirical gospel — even incorporating a bit of Vaudeville-like sketches. Ali headed home early but I stayed for Telephone Jim JesusMySpace link. I really didn't care for it … I think I would have been more lenient if the guy were younger. He did loud laptop-based beats with video, but it failed to really grab me … rather, I was kind of annoyed by it. Finishing up were Sole and the Skyrider BandMySpace link who were a great live hip-hop band. Unfortunately I was getting tired fast and went home early … I'd love to have stayed, though.

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