Events for Thursday, August 30, 2012 through Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thursday, August 30

  • Tonight at 8 p.m. at the Dryden is The In-Laws (Arthur Hiller, US 1979, 103 min.) From the Eastman House calendar:

    Long before we met the Fockers there was this crazed marriage comedy starring one of movies' most inspired comedy teams — Alan Arkin, as a buttoned-downed dentist whose daughter is about to marry, and the late, great Peter Falk, Arkin's daughter's soon-to-be father-in-law who may or may not work for the CIA.

    [source: Dryden website, 2012-Aug-13]

  • This evening at [LOCATION REDACTED] is Jason Lesscaleet, Licker, and Tumul starting around 9 p.m. [source: Carbon Records calendar, 2012-Aug-13]

Friday, August 31

  • ShakeCo Radio Theater will present Alice's Adventures in Wonderland tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the MuCCC. [source: MuCCC website, 2012-Aug-13]
  • The Dryden will screen E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial (Steven Spielberg, US 1982, 115 min.) tonight at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. (I'll assume you're familiar with the film.) [source: Dryden website, 2012-Aug-13]
  • Over at the Bug Jar is Beople Electronica, and great power electronic rock from Ghostfeeder starting around 9 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar, 2012-Aug-13]

Saturday, September 1

  • Polite Company returns to the MuCCC with an improv and sketch comedy show titled Manners Manor at 8 p.m. [source: MuCCC website, 2012-Aug-13]

Sunday, September 2

  • Well, you're on your own today … remember that E.T. is playing at the Dryden.

Monday, September 3

  • Synth-pop-acoustic-soloist Love of Everything, Light Feelings, and nice, solid acoustic rock from Archimedes will be at the Bug Jar tonight starting around 8:30 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar, 2012-Aug-13]

Tuesday, September 4

  • Over at the Record Archive, Baby Gramps will perform starting around 7 p.m. [source: JamBase calendar, 2012-Aug-13]
  • The very good bluegrass from String Theory Bluegrass Band will perform at Johnny's Irish Pub tonight starting around 8:30 p.m. [source: Golden Link website, 2012-Aug-13]

Wednesday, September 5

  • Head to the Penfield Public Library at 7 p.m. to discuss More Remarkable Backyard Plants with Jack Kowiak. [source: Monroe County (NY) Library System – Events, 2012-Aug-13]


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