Steam Train Foliage Tour in Arcade

Ali and I joined some of the people from MEETinROCHESTERMySpace link to go on a foliage tour on The Arcade and Attica Railroad (278 Main St., Arcade). We had a nice drive down as it was a nice sunny day, but it became quickly evident that the autumn colors were pretty much gone. We arrived early enough to get lunch at Marco's Pizza and Subs (289 Main St., Arcade) which was a decent little place, right across from the railroad.

After lunch we headed right over and boarded the train: a half-dozen or so train cars (presumably from an old regional service) powered by an authentic steam locomotive. The ride itself was rather short, covering some 15 miles or so in about a half-hour. I imagine the scenery is quite impressive when the autumn colors peak, but now it was just that pre-winter drab. The train was full of mostly families with small children — and since there was an open car at the back and a snack bar, it seemed they were all in constant motion. Once we arrived at Curriers Depot at the other end, the engine was disconnected and run backward on a siding to connect with the back of the train and we could get out for snacks and get a close look at the running engine. They then reconnected the engine to the former-rear of the train and ran the engine backward to Arcade.

Overall it was a fun time — and definitely something different and unique — but it was really unfortunate that the scenery was at its least attractive phase.

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