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Just in case the Communications Decency Act (part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996) rears its ugly head again, I have added a CDA Warning Page.

The All New Beginning

imagine a bad photo Since I shaved my head back on April 10, 2000, I thought I better put up an image that reflects what I look like now. I'm not continuing to shave, so it's starting to grow back and probably by the time you read this, I'll look completely different again. If you think I look like someone else, check out the survey, or if you're just checking, see the results.

Anyhow, it's been a long time since I actually sat down and started fixing this page. I've never really liked how the navigation worked--particularly since I've got a bunch of stuff in this site that's of (questionable) value. It's too bad it takes so much reading of fluff like this paragraph for anyone to find anything.

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If I'm lucky, you'll actually find some interesting things around here. Here's the list of stuff in order of how often it gets updated:
*Weekly - This stuff is really updated each and every week.
*Constantly - These are pages that get updated automatically all the time.
*Irregularly - Every once in a blue moon I look at these pages.
*Rarely - Less frequently than once in a blue moon a thought crosses my mind to look at these pages.
*Never - This stuff is just archival things. The more interesting things are earlier in the list. The things that are just a bunch of broken links are later.

In Association with Amazon.com


Lunch N Stuff--I started inviting people to O'Bagelo's (165 State Street) in January 1999 when I quit working across the street. Since then, I've expanded it from a simple e-mail to a list of everything I need to know about the goings-on in the week to come. Perhaps you'll find something you need to know too.

Impromptu Poll--I added this poll (on July 11, 2002) because (among other things) it's free. I stopped updating the poll archive but I guess I'll leave it there indefinitely frozen.

Do you think that after 9/11 that people started being really nice to everyone then went back to the way they were and are now being meaner than average?

Holy moly! That makes perfect sense.
Idiot--nothing really changed, it's just you.
People are still being nice to me.
What the heck does 0.8181818 have to do with anything?
People are being meaner but it doesn't have anything to do with that.



Home Cam--I've got an Apple Power Macintosh 7100/80AV and a video camera, so here's my own Internet camera. There's about a 25% chance you'll actually find it updating images. I've usually got it pointed out the window at my back yard. There's two different size images and a QuickTime movie of the past hour.


Interesting Events--Interesting events I've been to...at least to me.

CDNow Gift Registry--It's not actually on this site, but even so, if you buy me things from my gift registry, you'll have my undying feigned appreciation and maybe even a mention and a link to your page. Then again, maybe not.


QuickTimeTM Movie of the JayceWeek--Just for kicks (and considering the number of QuickTimeTM movies I've got laying around, I figured it'd be fun to put up a movie every week. Since I won't be updating it exactly weekly, I'm using the JayceWeek unit, which is about a week or a month. Check it once in a while--it's mostly "original" stuff (i.e. stuff I've captured by me from TV and stuff). It will almost always step on some copyright law, but I'll take my chances along with every other miscreant on the web. CDnow

Page of Misfit Bands--Like the "Land of Misfit Toys" in the Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer television show, here is the "Page of Misfit Bands." For the most part these are bands who did pretty good work but were largely unrecognized, then faded into obscurity with only a few albums. While I'm on the topic, CDnow had an offer where they'll give me store credit if people link to them from my site, so if you want to buy stuff, go to CDnow through the link below. I've also put links to the various artists in the "Page of Misfit Bands" to the associated CDnow page.

Drinking Games--Maybe not much for "value added," but I wrote a few drinking games over the years and put them here. Drink responsibly, and try not to die or give yourself brain damage or anything. Most of all, it's you're choice not to drink, so don't come crying to me because you're hung over, have cirrhosis of the liver, or drove your car into a furniture store.

Apple Macintosh Connectors and Cables--I've been hunting for connectors and stuff for my Mac, and I made a page of the various connectors and cables I've found.


Demotivational Posters--The content is not mine, but I have permission from Despair, Inc. to put up these images of anti-motivating posters they sell.

Story Of My Life--Thoroughly embellished and relatively fact-free High Falls, Rochester, NY

State of the Bloom--Pictures from the 1997 Lilac Festival. Each year, Rochester, NY hosts their Lilac Festival. In 1997, it ran from May 16 to May 26. For more information on this years festival, see the official Lilac Festival page. Also, if you're so inclined, check out our way-cool City Hall. To the right is Rochester's own High Falls (the image is Copyright (c)1997 Jason Olshefsky, so ask me before you use it).

Amazon Associates--You buy stuff at Amazon, I get store credit.

Web Sale--I had a bunch of junk around the house, and it was too cold around here to have a regular outdoor garage/tag sale to get rid of it so I put it here.

Free Disks In The Mail--As everyone who reads this has seen, the major online companies like to send out free disks. Here's my collection.

Dumb Links Page--I primiarly use as a home page, but I figured someone else might like to go there. There are no guarantees with this page, but if you find something broken you can tell me anyway.

Fat Burning Soup--Results of a not-doctor-recommended diet. (Not that doctors don't approve, I just never discussed it.)

Television Networks--A while ago, I started a list of all the networks I could find (and that I have at least a slight interest in) along with links directly to their schedules. Unfortunately, this is wildly out of date and a lot of the links don't work anymore.

Funny Things--Just a list of links to funny things I've found on the Internet.

Favorite Comics--Basically, just a list of links to my favorite Internet comics with inline images showing the most recent comic.

Friends Stuff

Ruckus RIT--My My friend Alexandra Whitman, a Fine Arts student at RIT finished her thesis of American Culture as Art. RIT approved her to put up her thesis work on campus from March through May of 1997 and this is the announcement for it. It still seems to get a lot of traffic, so I'll leave it.

Kevin "Kage" Brayton has some out-of-date personal information, but he spends most of his web updating time maintaining his very impressive "BTV - The British Television Network."

Mike Croghan changed his page so the out-of-date personal information has been replaced with a smaller volume of less specific, more constant information. He also used to maintain an award winning Religion Page for which he's trying to find someone else to maintain it.

John Hurrell has a home page with a set of good links as he promises.

Jan Nedelka has mostly personal info and links related to stuff he likes, but some links and information on his profession of Microelectronic Engineer including periodicals and American Vacuum Society stuff. He also recently ditched Servtech/Verio to go to RoadRunner.

Tom Pierce periodically experiments with HTML and has some personal/family information. He's had some problems at work with the web server so his page may not be available.

Rick Schreiber had some decent personal info, but took it down a year ago for privacy reasons. Most importantly, he maintains the Weekly Ride page which lists where we're going and where we've been mountain biking. Occasionally we bring his digital camera along and snap some shots.

Derrick Williams has a strange but vain page like no other. Hopefully he'll put some of the stories back up.

Miscellaneous Comments


I had this dream in June or July of 1996 that I thought might be interesting to get on the WWW soon...

From what I really remember of it, I saw a big plane get hit by lightning (or at least that's what I thought it was, since I really didn't see the lightning bolt). In slow motion detail, I saw the fuselage glow white from the bottom of the back side toward the front. It was like watching frame-by-frame video playback on TV, and I only got to see about two "frames" of this, so I figure it happened very quickly.

The next thing I remember, I somehow went to where part of the plane crashed (I don't remember seeing it go down, though). The back half of the plane minus the wings was in a ravine about 50 feet deep. Although I remember looking at it from the side, I could only see into the open end at the front and there were people there. I think there was a fence at the edge of the ravine, but in any case I couldn't get to where the plane or people were for some reason. Although I don't think it's important, I called for help on my cellular phone. I don't remember anything more after that.

So what's so weird about this? Like I said, this was in mid 1996, after the ValuJet plane crashed, but before Flight 800 went down. Just today it dawned on me that this dream might be about Flight 800. If the NTSB determines the plane was hit by lightning, or it had some kind of electrical problem, I'm gonna be really freaked out. If not, I'm just crazy for putting up this note.

Roads To Elsewhere

In case you like making documents and want something semi-official looking to work from when making HTML, check out the HTML 3.0 Specification draft and the HTML 2.0 Specification.

I just heard that I'm listed in Yahoo RSN. All I can say is, "It's about friggin' time!" I tried about five times to get it listed, and it's finally there.

If you got here from a link from somewhere else, I probably already know about and listed it on my "Go Back!" page.

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I'm still letting Web Counter track the hits to this page, although I don't display the results.

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