JayceLand 1999–2020

Here it is in April, 2020 and I have had nothing to post for several weeks since all live shows have been canceled due to COVID-19. For quite some time I've been going to very few shows anyway, and I decided it's as good a time as any to pack it all in. So yeah, I'm going to quit adding events.

The first e-mail was Saturday, January 16, 1999, and the last post was for the week starting Thursday, April 2, 2020. If I really didn't skip any weeks, that's 1,107 weeks in a row. Starting with the old e-mails and HTML web pages, I published 34,178 event entries: about 1,404 events before switching to a database where I added another 20,274 up until I switched to a different database for July 19, 2012 (in addition to another 1,062 movie openings); after which I added another 12,500 events. In all that time, I tracked 2,290 venues and locations mostly around Rochester as well as 11,658 performers — I made notes about seeing some 1,056 performers.

I'll leave the Events Calendar around in case you want to explore the archives or for the few events that might pop there, or check out the Blog Archive.

You can search most of the site and events with the bar above. If you're looking for events listings between July, 2012 and April, 2015, I was adding events as blog entries like the ancient HTML format. If you're looking for something older than July, 2012, either visit the Pre-WordPress Archive or search the site using FreeFind (which includes the old static pages):

(In 2020 I learned of Jay Hildebrand, a musician from Leamington, Ontario, Canada who goes by Jay Richards [alt. link], so if you're looking for him, that's where to look. In a March 11, 2020 article on the Canadian Menonite site titled "Takin' care of his musical business", they open with: "In the front yard of an average looking home lies a large rock with a landscaped garden bed around it. The rock reads 'JAYCELAND' and bears a lightning bolt with the capital letters T, C and B around it.")

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