A Rainy Barefoot Run

For those of you following my barefoot running progress, I thought I'd post a couple minor updates.

I just got back from a run in the rain.  It's about 60°F outside and a constant misty drizzle. I decided to try running wearing my swim shorts, figuring they would handle water better than the cotton shorts I would ordinarily be wearing (and so far, only once this year: I'm still in sweat pants for the cool mornings.) Things went very well as I had no trouble with them.

I also ran my practice 5K course (well, more-or-less 5K) for the first time yesterday. I am working up to run the The Medved Lilac 10K and 5K Family Fun Run on the last day of The Lilac Festival so I figured I better get my distance up. In all, it wasn't that hard although noticeably a bit longer than my usual run that's about 2 miles or so.

I'm also following the advice of Ken Bob Saxton (a.k.a. Barefoot Ken Bob) on the The Running Barefoot Yahoo! Group because I've had some ankle pain recently. He said — in response to someone else's comment on the same thing — "I often have ankle soreness, especially when I fail to run on a variety of surfaces, especially surfaces with lots of variation," and added, "the solution is to run on uneven terrain, even if just for 50 or 100 yards, seems to be enough to 'break up' the groove, once in a while." As such, I've been taking a detour once or twice a week to run through the short trail that runs from near The Genesee River-Erie Canal East Guard Lock (440 Kendrick Rd.) into Genesee Valley Park near the bridge over Hawthorn Dr., then continue on through the park on the uneven grass. That seems to have fixed the problem.

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