Welcoming Myself to the 21st Century

Thank you all for sharing my "coming out" with me. No, no I am not leaving Jay for some cute girl, so back off ladies. I have finally given in and purchased my first computer, an Apple Laptop. I'm not sure what triggered the need, it may have to do with the fact it was raining today so the Apple Store at the Mall sounded like a good idea. The salesperson Julie was so fantastic that I ended up walking out with an iPod Shuffle, printer, warranty, and One on One classes on how to use it all! I have to say I am pretty excited but I wish I could have gotten it in Blue. And I am pretty sure Jay is excited too, wow a new computer to monkey with. This will now enable me to be a foreign correspondent for Jayceland. Jason has agreed to fly me all over the world for stories. I hope I serve you all very well.

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