Thursday, January 6, 1999

Pre-weekend Weekend Lunch Invite 52. Arizona Arizona

Alright, I promised contest details. Like I said last week, I'll give away a free lunch at O'Bagelo's for whoever figures out how all the titles relate to the numbers for this page and the preceding pages and e-mails. Check out the archives for the "original" list and the Contest page for the details. It's mostly for fun anyway, so the prizes don't carry the massive cash value of, say, "Win Ben Stein's Money."

Concurrently, it's cleaning time. I've got, like, a million people on the e-mail list and I haven't heard from quite a few. I'll probably clear out everyone who hasn't been in my Aura of InfluenceTM for the last six months or so. Kind of a Yin and Yang

Oh yeah, and buy my Pokemon cards. There's only a few hours left. :-)


Movies this week:

  • Cider House Rules: The story of a young man raised in an orphanage under the patronage of an abortionist who also runs be good, dammit!
  • Magnolia: Nine different interweaving stories set in the San Fernando Valley within the general themes of family relationships, children, and loneliness.
  • Snow Falling on Cedars: A touching love story in the midst of WWII, the Japanese concentration camp experience on the West Coast, and a murder trial.


The safe money goes as always to Monty's Krown (875 Monroe Ave.) Today, The Assumptions are there. I don't think I've heard them before, but so far the bands at the Krown have been at least not bad.

However, I'll probably stop in transit from the Krown to Mary Dawn's to stop by Rohrbach's because Wendy won a bet with J.D. (whether conch was pronounced conch or conch) and now J.D. has to play "Wendy Says," so to speak. She said props and suggestions are welcome.

Karaoke at Drinks by Mary Dawn (535 S. Clinton.)

WBER's Alternative Music night at Red (171 St. Paul.) This week it's DJ Frisbee with one hit wonders.


Karaoke at Boston Brew Company (251 Exchange Blvd.)


Back to the usual...O'Bagelo's at 165 State Street at noon. Remember the contest. :-)

Tonight at Monty's Krown (875 Monroe Ave.) it's Mid-Air Collision. New to me...but what do I know anyway--I'm listening to Chipmunk Punk right now and I think that's pretty good. :-)

If you're like me and pick bands by name alone, Scary Chicken is at Richmonds (21 Richmond St.) along with Ned Pepper and Sedona.

Treehouse Cinema's Movie Night, 9:30 p.m., The Treehouse (693 East Ave.) This week: The Brothers McMullen As Carl from the Monroe County Baha'i Mailing List put it:

    A funny look at three brothers dealing with the struggle that is contemporary American life.


For those looking for deep deep post-uneventful-New-Year's discounts on guns, The Dome Center (E. Henrietta Rd. and Calkins Rd.) is hosting the NY State Arms Collectors Gun Show.

FOX's Sunday Night Animation and that new show:

  • King of the Hill: Old Glory - After Peggy writes Bobby's school essay about the flag, his teacher chooses him to read his essay during a ceremony.
  • Simpsons: Little Big Mom - While Marge convalesces in the hospital, Lisa plays an implacable mother to Homer and Bart.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: Pilot - A 9-year-old (Frankie Muniz) with a genius IQ perseveres in a chaotic household. This episode: Malcolm is forced into a "gifted" class.
  • Futurama is on hiatus until I stop liking it.


Hey, it's a boring night, so why don't ya just get a about #247 from The Confidential Dateline (971-7171):

SWF, 28, looking for SWM around the same age for casual dating or more.
(emphasis added.)

If you're not a SWM, maybe you're a SWF...

SWM, 20 looking for someone so if that's you give me a call.
(could Mr. #29 be for you??? Only one way to find out!)


Open mic comedy at the Colosseum Caffe (262 Park Ave.) starting around 9:00.

Open mic poetry at Java's (16 Gibb Street) starting around 9:30.


South Park today at Rohrbach's at 315 Gregory Street at 10:00. This week the boys travel with their classmates to Arkansas for the "Worldwide Recorder Concert."

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Red Meat: If you miss your fix of Red Meat (not that red meat!) ever since the ultra-conservatives at The City eliminated, you can still get your fix. Max Cannon updates it weekly.

The Onion: If you like Red Meat, you should also take a look at The Onion (not that bloomin' onion!) which got its start as the underground-ish school newspaper of the University of Wisconsin.

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