Thursday, December 2, 1999

Pre-weekend Weekend Lunch Invite 47. The White Maleable Conductor

You may now stop eating your Thanksgiving leftovers because they are once again alive!

Movies this week:

  • End of the Affair - Life, death, God and relationships. It's in limited release anyway -- and not here.


Everyone remind Anita she's now officially older.

Karaoke at Drinks by Mary Dawn (535 S. Clinton) gets much better if you show up very late. It's unfortunately become popular so the talent brigade can't do as much.

Meanwhile, Buddhahood is no longer at Red (171 St. Paul.) Rather, there's an Alternative Music Club Night which I believe is sponsored, entirely or in part, by WBER.


Karaoke at Boston Brew Company (251 Exchange Blvd.) is hosted by DJ (KJ?) Sugar Bear. Repetition, repetition ... you've all heard this before, but it really really is worth it to see the White Cotton Panties do their singing thang.

For the rest of least those into freak rock will be pleased to know Gwar and The Misfits will play at Water Street Music Hall (204 N. Water St.) at 7 p.m.

If you're into something really scary, General H. Normal Schwarzkopf will be at the Lakeside Foundation's 11th Annual Gala Dinner at the Riverside Convention Center (123 E. Main St.) TV 13's Don Alhart will M.C.


O' O' O' O'
O'Bagel O'Bagel O'Bagel O'Bagel
O'Bagelo's. 165 State Street. Noon.

Current news reveals that there were plans to implode the Rochester Hotel at Main & Plymouth There have been concerns from the neighboring Church of St. Luke and St. Simon Cyrene that their church might be damaged. Keep an eye out for further developments in the could be any day now.

Treehouse Cinema's Movie Night returns again tonight and every Saturday night at 9:30 p.m. at The Treehouse (aka The Strong-Todd Carriage House at 693 East Ave.)

This week it's Fried Green Tomatoes. As Carl from the Monroe County Baha'i Mailing List put it:

    A funny and touching look at residents of a small southern town as they step forward to champion the equality of men and women and race unity. Warning: don't order the ribs...

Lastly but not is the Liberty Pole Lighting downtown. Starting at Midtown Plaza at 3 p.m., tuba players unite for the Merry Tuba Christmas (really).


First note that Tommy & Dicky return to Rochester today ... The Smothers Brothers will be at Eastman Theatre (60 Gibbs St.) at 3 p.m.

Tonights reruns on the FOX animation block are as follows:

King of the Hill: Return to La Grunta - A lusty dolphin tries to mate with Hank in a send-up of When Animals Attack.

Simpsons: Simpsons' Bible Stories - The Simpsons doze off during the Rev. Lovejoy's sermon and dream they are Bible characters.

Futurama: A Flight to Remember - Lightning strikes twice when Professor Farnsworth books everyone on the new luxury space liner the Titanic.




Comedy returns to Tuesdays. This time they're at the Colosseum Caffe (262 Park Ave.) starting around 9:00. There's a museum next door which apparently has beaucoup parking.

I had been going to Java's (16 Gibb Street) for open mic poetry read each Tuesday, but screw that ... comedy is back.


At the Dryden, they'll be showing Rob Reiner's 1990 joyful romp Misery at 8:00p.m.

Yet another South Park episode at Rohrbach's at 315 Gregory Street. Showtime at 10:00. Jakovasaurs - The boys discover two live prehistoric "jakovasaurs" while camping on the banks of Stark's Pond. (Yet another rerun.)

Owing to the South Park rerun this week, I might be amenable to see Bill "The Sauce Boss" Wharton at Dinosaur Barbeque (South Ave. and Court St.) -- he'll be cooking Gumbo (Florida-style, presumably) during the show.

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