Thursday, October 21, 1999

Pre-weekend Weekend Lunch Invite 41. Kip's Quadruple Leap Year in April

Let's see...all but Rob missed my glorious performance with Christine Lavin last week. You can read all about it, though.

Also, Jennifer Tilly turns 41 and 41 days today. Try to figure out how to figure that out. :-)


Movies this week:

  • Bats: Genetically mutated bats capable of sucking mercury up an elevator shaft escape and it's up to a bat expert and the local sheriff to stop them. They're very bad bats and they suck.
  • The Best Man: Yet another wedding movie where things don't go exactly as planned.
  • Bringing Out the Dead: Nicky Cage rocks.
  • Crazy in Alabama: Many familiar faces come together on screen to help the lead characters go from hillbillywood to Hollywood.
  • The Limey: The father of a daughter who was murdered doesn't fit in when everybody else is having affairs.
  • Three To Tango: Matthew Perry and Dylan McDermott are cast opposite Neve Campbell to try to balance out Neve's tremendous acting ability. If I'm not mistaken, Matthew Perry is in the center of this little love triangle.


Tonight is the monthly Poetry Slam at Barnes & Noble (3349 Monroe Ave.) ... every third Thursday, much like this particular Thursday. You can catch this and either of the below without a hint of problem, at least within the time domain (unless you're slow).

Karaoke at Drinks by Mary Dawn (535 S. Clinton) starts around 10:15 p.m. but it fills up quick. It was miserable last week because the talented musicians didn't show. I'll give it a shot at two out of three so I'll be there around nine.

I still haven't confirm this, but Buddhahood apparently regularly plays on Thursdays now at Red (171 St. Paul.)


Dani turns twenty-uhh...something. Be sure to spank her between 20 and 29 times next time you see her. You know you want to.

Bobcat Golthwait with Tony V. will be at Comix Cafe (3450 Winton Place, 424-LAFF) for two shows--one at 8:00 and one at 10:45. I don't know the availability of tickets or nuttin' 'ceptun they'll be playun Saturday at the same times, so I guess it's really four shows.


A man, a plan, a canal, panama. I Palindrome I. O'Bagelo's.

165 State Street.

Oh, everybody remember to remind me to give John money for the coffee I stole on Wednesday morning. There's nothing like the ability to distract someone by describing the ingredients of marshmallows.

Tonight, Snmnmnm will play at Blue Sunday (3118 E. Henrietta Rd.) at 9pm. They're really funny and this is their second-to-last show in Rochester in the forseeable future.


It's Ice Wine Weekend at Casa Larga Vineyards (2287 Turk Hill Road, 223-4210.) All the wine and twice the alcohol. No, really, as they put it: "Celebrate the release of our Fiore Delle Stelle. Learn how our winemaking team turns frozen Vidal grapes into this rich and beautiful dessert wine from 1-4pm."

Tonight's Fox lineup will thankfully not include baseball. The Simpsons episode is Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner. Homer affects the way trendy people eat when he becomes a local food critic, until he starts giving restaurants bad reviews. Futurama brings us A Fishful of Dollars which I think is a re-run. Fry discovers that 1,000 years worth of interest has made him a billionaire.


Merry Christmas! Take the time to watch TV and buy some Christmas's only two more months.


Note the emptyness of Tuesdays.


Just South Park at Rohrbach's at 315 Gregory Street. Showtime at 10:00. This week shan't be a problem as it's a new episode: Halloween. The boys are plagued by their schoolmates while Pirate Ghosts infiltrate South Park.

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