Pre-weekend weekend lunch invite 26. Gibbs me the music, funky camera boy

You know, I keep forgetting this is really about letting people know about the Saturday lunch thing at O'Bagelo's. It's turned into a veritable dumping ground for whatever I think I might be interested in over the weekend. This weekend is no exception, especially since we're at ground zero for Rochester events and festivals.

Movies to Consider

- Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick brings you a posthumous tale of a couple in a Clockwork Orange world.) - Muppets from Space (Jim Henson brings you a posthumous tale of the origin of Gonzo-is-a-Gray.) - The Wood (I say this is probably an entertaining movie, despite being in a genre that us "crackers" don't usually go to see.) - Analyze This (Movies 10 brings you a second run for a buck or two. How can you go wrong?) - Taxi Driver (Eastman House brings you a n-th run on Saturday at 8:00. I'm there, dude.)


Ok, let's there's a couple things. First is the Poetry Reading at Barnes & Noble at 7:30, which despite the name change (from "Poetry Slam" which kinda gave it poeti...ironic pro-wrestling angle) I'll probably try to go to. It only happens every third Thursday each month. Also, and of only slightly less interest in my mind is 10,000 Maniacs and Tripping Billies playing for free at Manhattan Square Park at 5:30 p.m. I could be swayed either way. And don't forget to set your VCR's for "Curse of the Blair Witch," a fake documentary on the SciFi channel at 11:00 p.m. about the "Blair Witch Project," which itself is just a promising, original horror/thriller coming out at the end of the month.


Friday is first off an important day in history. July 16 stands as a nearly forgotten reminder of an event which molded our collective mindset like no other generation in history. That's right: Phoebe Cates was born on this day in 1963. Not what you were thinking? Ok, how about Corey Feldman in 1971? Oh...maybe you're one of those weirdos thinking of the Trinity Test, the first atomic bomb test on July 16, 1945. If you're curious what it was like to get your heart cockles and sub-cockle region warmed in mere seconds, see the eye-witness accounts at Sean & Kelly are planning a small "Bomb Day" celebration which apparently involves blowing stuff up, but that's still up in the air (Kids: Airburst!)

Also on Friday is Linda Rutheford and Celtic Fire playing at Hamlin Beach for free at 7:00 p.m. My feeling is the crowd will be ripe for them to play off of (like at East End a few years back) and it'll be a fun show. Unfortunately both the bomb stuff and Celtic Fire conflict with my desire to find old friends at East End Festival #2 in the evening.


Saturday doesn't bring much this weekend. Eastman House is doing an "Attic Treasures" event at 10:00 a.m. where they will examine the "conservation assessment" of photos and images you bring in. I'll try to make it to this because I've got an old weird photo of a priest I found in the attic at Burkhard.

More old stuff can be found at the "Antique Show and Sale," at Elton Park, Bloomfield Village Green, Routes 5 & 20, in East Bloomfield from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. There's a $3 cover.


Continuing throughout Saturday and Sunday is the Rochester Music Festival in Brown Square Park in the High Falls area.

The part that isn't very new follows:

For the last few months I've been having lunch at O'Bagelo's on State Street on Saturday at 11:30. The same people who have been going have been coming back, so I guess I'm not on crack about the food being good.

I'll be there at 11:30. For the few of you who haven't been there, it's on State Street between the Federal Building and Frontier Field. It's south of 490 and north of Andrews on the west side of the street (i.e., across from West Group on the east side.) Their sign is flush against the building so it's a little hard to see unless you're looking. They've got a variety of sandwiches on bagels, fresh bread or fresh rolls, and some soups. There are some veggie stuff too, but sometimes they don't make the fried eggplant very early.

Anyhow, RSVP, call, e-mail, or just show up.

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