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Many things this weekend too (mostly movie-wise). First, tonight I'll be going to see "Bullitt" at the Dryden at 8. I've always wanted to see that famous chase scene through San Fransisco on the big screen.

Next, and of equal or greater quality [non-standard definition] on Friday is part of Eastman House's "Mondo" series--tomorrow is "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman." It's about a woman obsessed with shoes I guess. Nonetheless, I'd like to see it. I always mean to see everything in this series but I just keep forgetting to check the calendar.

Ok, on to Saturday. This weekend is the opening of Austin Powers II, and despite some people's disdain for the film, _I_'d still like to see it. Of course, there's the Hamlin Wheel Fest...a special anniversary this year, as Hamlin has had "wheel" technology for five years now. Likewise is Pittsford Colonial Days which explores how to oppress other cultures in the modern age through judicious use of suburbs. There's a few others, but I'll assume someone will bring their PalmPilot(TM) synched with

Oh yeah, there's lunch too. :-)

The part that isn't very new follows:

For the last few months I've been having lunch at O'Bagelo's on State Street on Saturday at 11:30. The same people who have been going have been coming back, so I guess I'm not on crack about the food being good.

I'll be there at 11:30. For the few of you who haven't been there, it's on State Street between the Federal Building and Frontier Field. It's south of 490 and north of Andrews on the west side of the street (i.e., across from West Group on the east side.) Their sign is flush against the building so it's a little hard to see unless you're looking. They've got a variety of sandwiches on bagels, fresh bread or fresh rolls, and some soups. There are some veggie stuff too, but sometimes they don't make the fried eggplant very early.

Anyhow, RSVP, call, e-mail, or just show up.

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