Pre-weekend weekend lunch invite 5: The Final Frontier

Hopefully most of you getting this at work are actually non-flexing and "in" today. Admittedly, this is a buck short and a day later than usual, but you all should know by now the basic plan.

Despite my best efforts, some of you were late, and yes, I noticed and you're all bad people for it. Perhaps I should clarify--11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time 1999-Feb-27. Some of you were on Mountain time or something last week. Remember that people on Central Time and Mountain Time are sinners and that's why TV networks don't put shows on at reasonable times. Don't be a sinner. :-)

Anyhow, I don't have hard and fast plans for the afternoon following. I've been considering blowing all my free Blockbuster coupons and renting four movies of my choice. However, the weather is supposed to be as nice as it is today, so that may fall through. Plans will change over lunch if any are made.

The part that isn't new, for those keeping track, follows:

For the last few weeks I've been having lunch at O'Bagelo's on State Street on Saturday at 11:30. The same people who have been going have been coming back, so I guess I'm not on crack about the food being good.

I'll be there at 11:30. For the few of you who haven't been there, it's on State Street between the Federal Building and Frontier Field. It's south of 490 and north of Andrews on the west side of the street (i.e., across from West Group on the east side.) Their sign is flush against the building so it's a little hard to see unless you're looking. They've got a variety of sandwiches on bagels, fresh bread or fresh rolls, and some soups. There are some veggie stuff too, but sometimes they don't make the fried eggplant very early. Last week John had some eggplant prepared, so it's kind of random.

Anyhow, RSVP, call, e-mail, or just show up.

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