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Ok, so it's not really a garage sale...it's not really a tag sale...it's not really defined much yet. I just have a bunch of junk around the house that I want to sell. Really. All this stuff is actually for sale at the prices listed.

photo of the item Radio Shack 30X Illuminated Microscope, requires 2 AA batteries. $4 I Want It

photo of the itemFive standard compact cassette shells with some visible cracks. $0.15 each or $0.50 for all of them I Want It

photo of the itemSet of new brass coated Stanley coat and hat hooks. $0.50 I Want It

photo of the itemWebsters Pocket Dictionary. 250,000 words from 1993. $0.50 I Want It

photo of the itemSet of three Dymo label makers. Each imbosses raised letters onto plastic adhesive strips. Includes two rolls (about 3 meters or so total) of tape, one black and one woodgrain, along with vertical character wheel. $3 for all I Want It

photo of the itemIn-ear bud headphones. $3 I Want It

photo of the itemNinoka camera. I got it free with a magazine subscription or something. Takes okay 35mm pictures; four aperature settings: 6, 8, 11, and 16. $3 I Want It

photo of the itemPocket knife with three blades, scissors, fish scaler, wood saw, flat blade screwdriver/wire stripper/bottle opener, can opener, awl, nail file, and a broken corkscrew. $1 I Want It

photo of the itemSwingline Tot-50 stapler. $0.50 I Want It


First off, all the prices are negotiable, so go ahead and make an offer.

I'm not real excited about shipping any of this stuff because it'd cost more to ship any one of them than it would just to pay for it. However, if you live in the Rochester, NY area, send me an e-mail (to webm...@jayceland.com) with your phone number and I'll give you a call to arrange to actually buy it.

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