2nu (unknown pronunciation, probably either "too new" or "two enn you") has one known album released in 1991. Their sound is somewhat unique, characterized best as a demonstration recording for a modern sampling synthesizer. Put another way, their style lies between folk and somewhere on the "pop" side of techno. Virtually everything anybody knows is the hundred words of liner notes in "Ponderous".

Yay! On 1998-Sep-30, we passed the 1,000 hit mark. Not too impressive on the whole, but considering that's an average of about 23 hits a week for a band that hasn't had a song on the charts, an album, nor a single since 1991.

In May 1996, a guy by the name of Rodney D. Rutherford sent me a link to a 2nu Discography. He also said he is from Seattle and thinks 2nu is also from Seattle. He first heard them on the radio around 1992, and lots of people liked them. Ponderous had stayed in the number one slot on the local pop radio stations for a month or so.

He got the number of a guy named Jock (same name as the lead singer, and like Rodney said, there aren't too many people named Jock out there) from a clerk at the local record shop. He talked to Jock a little, and the guy sounded similar, but the CD case that he had written the number in was stolen and he hasn't gotten around to finding the number again. The clerk at the record store suggested that 2nu was popular in Europe, and maybe a video was in production over there.

Also, there's a Ponderous single (cassette was on Atlantic Records, CD from 2nu Records) that came out with some tracks from Ponderous and an additional track called "She." Thanks to ToQmaw for that hint. I found Chris's Music Page which has MP3 audio tracks of all of 2nu's music (including She!). Chris sent me an e-mail in May, 1998 saying there might be a new project under way--a web page cropped up referring to a 2nu II. In fact, they've got the 2nu2.com domain. He also mentionned that the This is Ponderous page off the 2nu Discography page have a couple of messages from a "Nardo Polo" who has also hit Chris's site and left a note in his Guestbook. Unfortunately, Chris wrote to me to say that he lost his site on the college servers so the MP3's are gone.

A couple quickies: For more information, there's another 2nu Home Page from Michael Baer. His page also has the complete liner notes to Ponderous. Also, Stephen J. Munn describes their genre as "a pop/folk/calypso sound, rather than pre-techno." I really don't think there's a good description.

Even more good news: STAR 101.5, KPLZ Seattle, identifies Jock Blaney on their Where are they now? page (which was last updated 1997-Nov-5). They have the following to say:

Jock, formerly a creative talent at our station, is now running "Seventh Avenue Creative", a creative development and commercial production agency. Jock is also the voice of KCTS-TV (PBS/9). Many will remember Jock's contribution to the music charts as "2NU", with the memorable song "Ponderous".
Although Seventh Avenue Creative does not appear to have web presence, they do have a physical address. I just have to find it.


(may be incomplete)
Michael Nealy
Jock Blaney
lead and background vocals
Phil DeVault
keyboard, synclaver, guitar
Tom Martin


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