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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The Next Revolution
by Jason Olshefsky at 4:44 pm (add a comment)

I think I'm starting to see the boundaries of the next social revolution. Let me lay out a little context of recent references that I believe are related.

First, I talked last year about the "monkeysphere" idea.  The basic idea is that our primate brains can only accept about 150 people who we consider part of our clan, tribe, or village, and beyond that, all the other people are equivalent to "things" in the world.

Next is related to things I've seen in discussions about Burning Man and the idea of "community".  To me, the notion of "community" is like a lot of words: they are there to provide a spectrum upon which to measure.  So when one says, "the community", that is a reference to a specific group of people with traits that tie them together.  The thing that is important is that being "in the community" means you have the traits of the community — it does not mean that you must adapt your behavior because of your physical location.  In other words, actions cause description; description does not cause action.

Related to that, I recently found a new term: POSIWID.  According to Wikipedia at least, Stafford Beer coined the term as an acronym for "[the] purpose of [a] system is what it does".  The underlying principle is that the intended function of a system is irrelevant: its purpose (or function) is solely defined by what it does.  If, for instance, you set out to create a community of people who share art and resources, you might end up with a big party in the desert: the purpose of that system is a big party in the desert, no matter what your intentions were.

I have observed (especially in the last 10 years) that people I encounter are much more polarized by political party or political views than ever before.  It is probably most attributable to whom I hang out with, but I also believe there is a trend.  What I mean, specifically, is that I was finding prejudice in myself concerning politics: that I would judge someone favorably or unfavorably solely based on their political party affiliation.  I thought this was interesting to observe, and generally not good.

I also see the strong opinions of people concerning socialized health care. Although there many facets to it, the one I find most interesting is the debate on whether an arbitrary stranger should be cared for.  I'm neglecting any specifics because you can create straw men to support either side (i.e. abusers of a taxpayer-funded system versus a hard worker who circumstantially loses access to care).  The question is: will you help someone you don't know anything about?

So finally, what's this next revolution?: it's how we treat strangers.

I see people lining up along a spectrum.  On one side are people who are only willing to help those people they know personally (i.e. who are within their "monkeysphere") at the expense of the well-being of people they don't.  On the other are people who willing to support everyone equally, even if that means they may not have resources to help people they know personally.

I think it is more noble to lean toward helping everyone, and a testament to the superiority of humankind.  However, I also know that such civility is frail: a small percentage of people working to their own advantage can poison the whole system.  All societies have blind-spots and points of leverage for the advantage-seeker, but civility is maintained by the unspoken agreement among people that they not take advantage at those points.  And in America, there are socially-acceptable points to find advantage: that permission is specifically what allows capitalism to work.

Anyway, I find myself playing both sides of the fence for the time-being.  I have a network of friends who I help freely (with my time, skills, money, and resources) and who will do likewise for me.  I also strive for a better solution that is more inclusive because I feel better when my behavior also helps other people.

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Fly the flag today.Citizenship (Constitution) Day

JayceLand Pick As part of the The Caroline Werner Gannett Project, Joslyn Barnes will be speaking on Monday following screenings of films she helped produce this weekend. Bamako will be shown in the Carlson Auditorium at RIT (One Lomb Memorial Dr., campus map) today at 4 p.m. and Tuesday at 4 p.m. Trouble the Water will be shown in the Carlson Auditorium at RIT (One Lomb Memorial Dr., campus map) tomorrow at 4 p.m. and again on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. [source: Caroline Werner Gannett Project website]

JayceLand Pick Peter O. Brown will present a lecture on Walter Goodman's The Printseller's Window: Solving a Painter's Puzzle tonight at 7 p.m. at The Memorial Art Gallery (500 University Ave., near Goodman St.) [source: Memorial Art Gallery calendar] [all ages]

Top Pick Tonight at Lux LoungeMySpace link (666 South Ave.) is funny and clever folk/novelty soloist Oliver BrownMySpace link, and nerdy fun surf-rock band/stage act The IsotopesMySpace link starting around 8 p.m. [source: Savor Our Flavor website] [21+]

The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing Love With the Proper Stranger starting at 8 p.m. in which a single woman who tracks down her partner in a one-night stand carrying his child. [source: Dryden Theater calendar] [all ages]

JayceLand Pick Tonight at The Bug JarMySpace link (219 Monroe Ave.) is good, infectious electric-chant from Proud SimonMySpace link, and Club Sandwich (a.k.a. Big Boy Soda and the Yucky Snakes) starting around 9 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar]

Today at 6 p.m. at The Rochester Visual Studies Workshop (31 Prince St.) is the Opening Reception for photographs by Khiang Hei of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Student Protests. The photographs will be on display through October 25. [source: Visual Studies Workshop calendar] [all ages]

Today at The Firehouse Gallery at The Genesee Center for the Arts (713 Monroe Ave.) at 6:30 p.m. is the Opening Reception for History in the Making IV — National Juried Ceramics Exhibition. Stick around the building, for at 7 p.m. at The Community Darkroom at The Genesee Center for the Arts (713 Monroe Ave.), Personal Documentary opens as well. [source: Genesee Center for the Arts calendar]

JayceLand Pick Boulder Coffee Co.MySpace link (100 Alexander St.) will be hosting Emma-LeeMySpace link, great motley folk from Baby Shiver's BoutiqueMySpace link, and Aaron DeRuyter starting around 8 p.m. [source: Boulder Coffee website] [all ages]

JayceLand Pick The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing Giorni e nuvole (Days and Clouds) starting at 8 p.m. As part of the Labor Film Series, this one follows a couple trying to stay afloat with the loss of employment. [source: Dryden Theater calendar] [all ages]

Over at The Lovin' CupMySpace link (Jefferson Rd. and John St. at 300 Park Point Dr., Suite 110) starting around 9 p.m. is The RevisionMySpace link, and Streamline. [source: Lovin' Cup calendar]

Tonight at Sandra's Saloon (276 Smith St.) is The Mike Snow Band starting around 9:30 p.m. [source: Freetime]

Tonight at Equal=GroundsMySpace link (750 South Ave., formerly Hunt's Hardware) is the 3rd Friday Songwriters Open Mic with Jim Bowers starting around 9 p.m. [source: Equal=Grounds MySpace page]

Today is International Coastal Cleanup day so get out there and start picking stuff up! More information is available at the Center for Marine Conservation.

Today from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Inglesia Nuevo Día (The New Day Church) (2009 Dewey Ave.) is the annual Festival Nuevo Día (New Day Festival) which is "hosted by a local church with no religious requirements, celebrating Hispanic heritage." [source: the proverbial grapevine]

JayceLand Pick The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing Du levande (You, The Living) starting at 8 p.m. I can do nothing but quote the Eastman House calendar on this one: "The ingeniously misanthropic filmmaker who brought us Songs from the Second Floor delivers another series of deadpan absurdist episodes skewering the "human spirit." Told in [Roy Andersson]'s patent static style, featuring players in almost clownish makeup, the segments are often gut-bustingly funny and at times sublimely beautiful. Concerned with the appalling conditions of modern urban life, the many brief sketches collectively serve to remind us "that, for Andersson, in a world always on the brink of disaster, the only true salvation is in our imagination"—David Thompson, Film Comment." [source: Dryden Theater calendar] [all ages]

The Bug JarMySpace link (219 Monroe Ave.) will be hosting Vaginal Hammer, and PsytoxiaMySpace link starting around 10:30 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar]

JayceLand Pick Monty's KrownMySpace link (875 Monroe Ave.) will be hosting excellent rock from The Grinders, really good punk-rock band Angel, Dust & Hoffman, and good punk-rock from The EmersonsGarageBand link starting around 10:30 p.m. [source: Monty's Krown MySpace page] [21+]

Every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. is the Greatest Community Garage Sale and Super Flea series at The Rochester Public Market (280 Union St. N.) [source: City Hall press release]

Today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The Rochester Public Market (280 Union St. N.) is the 5th annual Artist Row. [source: the proverbial grapevine]

JayceLand Pick People from MEETinROCHESTERMySpace link will head to The Maplewood Rose Garden (Driving Park and Lake Ave.) for a Lower Gorge Explorer — Hike I starting at 1 p.m. [source: MEETinROCHESTER calendar]

JayceLand Pick Updated: Today at 2 p.m. in The Kate Gleason Auditorium at The Rochester Public Library (115 South Ave.) is a discussion by Vincent A. Lent titled From Eagle Tavern to Eastman Theatre, a Survey of Music in Rochester from Its Earliest Days. [source: Friends of the Public Library e-mail] [all ages]

JayceLand Pick The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing The Snorkel starting at 7 p.m. followed by Footsteps In The Fog at 8:30 p.m. How can you beat this description from the Eastman House calendar: "in The Snorkel, a gem from the Hammer Studios, a teenage girl believes her stepfather killed her mother by making ingenious use of the title breathing apparatus. This theory, of course, places the girl in great danger. Then, in the suspenseful Footsteps in the Fog, Jean Simmons stars as a servant who blackmails her employer (Stewart Granger) for murdering his wife." [source: Dryden Theater calendar] [all ages]

Over at The Bug JarMySpace link (219 Monroe Ave.) starting around 9 p.m. is The Luxury PushersGarageBand linkMySpace link. [source: Bug Jar calendar]

Fly the flag today.POW/MIA Recognition Day

The Little (240 East Ave.) will be screening Pray the Devil Back to Hell tonight at 6:30 followed by a discussion with The United Nations Association of Rochester (494 East Ave.). It's about Liberian women who helped restore peace after civil war in their country. [source: Little Theatre e-mail]

JayceLand Pick Today at The Multi-Use Community Cultural Center (MuCCC) (142 Atlantic Ave.) is a performance of Edge at 7:30 p.m. According to The Method MachineMySpace link, "Edge is set on the last day of the poet Sylvia Plath's life, in her kitchen, and reflects on her childhood, her husband-poet Ted Hughes, and her work. Plath takes account of her actions as well as the actions of others and uses them to fuel her tragic flaw: passion. The prolific writer took her life on a cold February day in 1963, after being abandoned by the greatest thing and the worst thing that ever happened to her: her husband. The play examines the events that led up to her turning on that gas stove and passing into a sleep from which she would never wake." [source: the proverbial grapevine]

JayceLand Pick As part of The Caroline Werner Gannett Project, Joslyn Barnes will be speaking on Imagination and the Cinema of Resistance in Webb Auditorium at RIT (One Lomb Memorial Dr., campus map) tonight at 8 p.m. [source: Caroline Werner Gannett Project website]

Bored? Why not check out 1980's DJ night at The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave.) starting around 11 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar]

This morning at 7:30 a.m. in the cafeteria overlooking the arboretum in Bausch and Lomb (140 Stone St.) is the Artists Breakfast Group meeting ... anyone interested in art or creativity is invited.

JayceLand Pick At today's Books Sandwiched-In at 12:12 p.m. in The Kate Gleason Auditorium at The Rochester Public Library (115 South Ave.) is a review by Hon. Jonathan W. Feldman of The Great Decision: Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court by Cliff Sloan, and David McKean. [source: Rochester Public Library calendar] [all ages]

The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing Hell Drivers starting at 8 p.m. — an action film about the dangers of being a truck driver. [source: Dryden Theater calendar] [all ages]

Juanita and the RabbitMySpace link, and Hotel ReverieMySpace link will be at The Bug JarMySpace link (219 Monroe Ave.) starting around 9 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar]

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que (99 Court St.) will be hosting really good blues-charged rock-and-roll/groove-rock from Buford and the Smoking Section starting around 10 p.m. [source: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que calendar]

JayceLand Pick The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing The Unknown starting at 8 p.m. followed by Freaks at 9 p.m. Nothing like a couple films about the underworld of the circus from around 1930. [source: Dryden Theater calendar] [all ages]

JayceLand Pick Tonight at The Bug JarMySpace link (219 Monroe Ave.) is The IndrasMySpace link, The Phuckettes, and solid rock from The Cheetah WhoresMySpace link starting around 9 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar]

Tonight at 9 p.m. at The Lovin' CupMySpace link (Jefferson Rd. and John St. at 300 Park Point Dr., Suite 110) is The Easy Way Out, a one-stop comedy tour featuring Billy AnglinMySpace link, Nigel LarsonMySpace link, Katie Wood, and John Theroux. [source: Lovin' Cup calendar]

Today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Washington Square Park (Woodbury Blvd at South Clinton Ave, across from Geva Theatre) is the Foodlink Farmers' Market. [source: RocWiki calendar]

Today at 12:00 p.m. is a meeting of The Brown Bag Book Discussion Group in the Literature Division's Study Room at The Rochester Public Library (115 South Ave.) [source: Rochester Public Library calendar] [all ages]

Tonight at The Comedy Club (2235 Empire Blvd., Webster) is a Comedy Open Mic with Michael GatelyMySpace link. [source: Comedy Club website]

There's an Open Mic for Acoustic Music at Boulder Coffee Co. (100 Alexander St.) tonight around 8. [source: the proverbial grapevine]

Tonight at 8 p.m. at Abeline Bar and Lounge (153 Liberty Pole Wy., formerly Tara) is an Open Mic with The Grand Canyon Rescue EpisodeMySpace link. [source: Abeline website]

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