Weekly Rochester Events #372: Balti, More or Less

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'll be a bit more brief than usual this week. I planned on getting ahead on the website during the week, but instead I had a whim to play around with making the database and everything work different ... I spent way too much time writing a state-machine parser in AppleScript for finding times-of-day in a block of text and picking the "best" one. Boy is that going to look good on my 1991 resume! I also tried going back to the "old way" of doing this a bit and adding more personal descriptions to the events calendar. I'm trying to pare it down but it's not working ... there's just too many things going on around town.

Thursday was another improv class ... I ran into the instructor later in the week and he said we'll be setting up some kind of performance within a few weeks of the end of the class. I mean, it has to end in a performance, right? After the class I headed right to A|V Art Sound Space (N. Union St. at Trinidad St., #8 in the Public Market, formerly the All-Purpose Room) for the book release for The Best Cure For A Broken Heart with my story, "Narrow Window of Opportunity" (I forgot what we decided to title it so I had to wait for the book to come out to see ... in retrospect, I guess I could have just gone to the website). It appeared that quite a few copies were sold, so I was glad for that. The soup from Nathan's Old Fashioned Soups (691 Park Ave.) was indeed very good. It was all good. Micah Blue Smaldone was a really good soloist. My Turtle Died Today was an unintentionally hilarious animated film from the 1970's (maybe 1960's ... I don't remember.)

From there I went to Monty's Krown (875 Monroe Ave.) and finally got to see Deadly Pillowfight AccidentMySpace link. They did chaotic music somewhat like GaylordMySpace link ... the guitar and drums seem to share rhythm/melody while the sax covers harmony ... all more-or-less: it's largely chaos.

On Friday I went to the opening of Metamorphosis? at Image City Photography Gallery (722 University Ave.) with works by Anna Druzcz and Christine Heusner. It was interesting, evocative, and definitely worthwhile to check out. I ran into some friends and got out to The Bop Shop (274 N. Goodman St., in Village Gate Square) to see Lauren Radnofsky perform using cello with computer music. Unfortunately, I thought the combination felt arbitrarily dissonant, but I suspect that it had some complex technical nuances that I wasn't aware of that made sense to trained musicians.

On Saturday I went to Geva (75 Woodbury Blvd.) to try and get to see Inherit the Wind. They apparently sell "pay-what-you-can" tickets on the Saturday morning before the opening of a new performance. This particular week they had computer problems so they were hand-writing tickets — which I guess involved writing the entire show's script on each one becuase it was taking forever. It took about 15 minutes to get through 3 people, so I figured it would be hours before they'd get to me at #31 in line.

That night I went to the show at Door 7MySpace link (750 South Ave.) and checked out the art and stuff for sale I'm glad they're doing it, but I could only stay for a few minutes so I didn't get a very good look. I headed to the second week of shows at the Bare Bones Festival from Burning Barn Theatre at New Life Presbyterian Church (243 Rosedale St.) Of the sketches, I had seen many from last time, but I remembered a few of them that I forgot about: particularly "Bread" which was a simple monologue about believing in the reality of fantasy, and "The Teacher": another monologue, this time answering the question "what do you make?" in the form "I make kids learn", etc ... it's really quite a good sketch.

After that I went to The Montage Live (50 Chestnut St., formerly the Montage Grille) and got to experience their semi-random drink prices: $6 for Stoli on the rocks, but $2.50 for a pint of Yuengling on special? $5 and $3 makes more sense to me. Anyway, I was there to see GaylordMySpace link and The QUiTTERSGarageBand linkMySpace link but I missed TaduyaMySpace link. Nothing much more to say about that ... I like both bands but don't really feel like describing them again.

On Sunday I found out that the meeting for The Rochester Outdoor Museum of Art (ROMA) at The Rochester Public Library (115 South Ave.) last Thursday went very well. Around 110 people showed up and the idea was well-received. It even got some positive coverage on the news. Now we just have to make it all happen. Yikes.

Monday night I stopped by A|V Art Sound Space (N. Union St. at Trinidad St., #8 in the Public Market, formerly the All-Purpose Room) but I was really really wanted to go to Lux LoungeMySpace link (666 South Ave.) Not the "want to stop by" from it being such a habit, but I really wanted to stop by. So I went and I ended up running into a couple friends of mine and I had a chance to sit and chat for a bit without so much of a time crunch like we usually have.

In the end, though, I was just itching to get back home to do more stupid AppleScript tricks.


JayceLand Pick This afternoon from 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. in Kate Gleason Auditorium at The Rochester Public Library (115 South Ave.) is another Thursday Thinkers featuring Heidi Zimmer-Meyer from The Rochester Downtown Development Corporation (RDDC) (183 E. Main St.#1300) and Miriam Shapiro discussing Renaissance Square and Spin-off Development. I'm curious if either I'm wrong — and few people oppose the Renaissance Square project — or if they'll be unprepared for such opposition. [source: Rochester Public Library calendar] [all ages]

I like hearing people talk about stuff, and tonight in Dryden Theatre at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) is a photography lecture by Christopher Rauschenberg about the exhibition Paris: Photographs by Eugene Atget and Christopher Rauschenberg. [source: Eastman House calendar] [all ages]

Tonight from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., The City of Rochester Department of Community Development will host a public meeting on the Port of Rochester Master Plan Study in Departure Hall of The Port of Rochester Terminal Building (1000 N. River St.) Sasaki Associates (64 Pleasant St., Watertown, MA) will be presenting their designs. [source: City Hall press release]

JayceLand Pick This evening at 7 p.m. at The Memorial Art Gallery (500 University Ave., near Goodman St.) is an Archeology Lecture [and I swear, I saw this and actually thought, "ooh: archaeology lecture!"] about Early Farming in Dalmatia: New Excavations at Neolithic Danilo with the dean of the College of Liberal Arts at RIT (One Lomb Memorial Dr., campus map) Dr. Andrew Moore. [source: Memorial Art Gallery calendar] [all ages]

Despite what I said last week, it's actually tonight that producer/director Spike Lee will be speaking in Strong Auditorium at The University of Rochester (Elmwood Ave. at Intercampus Dr., details on River Campus Map). [source: University of Rochester Events Calendar]

JayceLand Pick The Hi-Risers are always a sure bet if you like rock-and-roll and they will be at The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave.) with George Miller (of the Kaisers) and Eddie Angel starting around 10 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar] [18+]

If I'm feeling up to it, I might stop by Whiskey (315 Alexander St.) to see the great reggae/dub work of Mountain Mojo AuthorityMySpace link which will probably get underway around 10 p.m. [source: Freetime]

Around 10:30 or so tonight is Brian RathGarageBand linkMySpace link and Burning DaylightGarageBand link at Monty's Krown (875 Monroe Ave.) While I've seen neither, I figure it might be something to check out. [source: Rochester Music Coalition calendar] [21+]

Pure Kona Poetry Open Mic Night is at Daily Perks (389 Gregory St.) tonight starting at 7:30. [source: Daily Perks calendar] [all ages]

Drinking Liberally meets at 8 p.m. tonight at Monty's Korner (355 East Ave.) [source: RocWiki calendar]

Apparently The Critical Mass Bike Ride is tonight starting at 5:30 p.m. at the clock tower near The Wilson Commons at The University of Rochester (Library Road, #39 on River Campus Map.) to The Liberty Pole (1 Liberty Pole Way) at 6 p.m. and heading through the city from there. [source: the proverbial grapevine]

Tonight and tomorrow Water Street Music Hall (204 N. Water St.) is having a big Mardi Gras Fest starting around 6 p.m. each night. I doubt I'll stop by but I won't rule it out entirely. On the Music Hall side tonight is Percy HillMySpace link and Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of DreamsGarageBand linkMySpace link, and on the Club side is{Red Line Zydeco}, The Bon Chance Cajun Band, and The Bog Savages. [source: Water Street calendar] [all ages]

I'll probably wait until the opening on March 3, but tonight (around 7 p.m. I guess) is the first night that Images From King, Comic Books and Beyond by Ho Che Anderson will be on display at The Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery (137 East Ave.) [source: Rochester Contemporary calendar] [all ages]

Over at The 12 Corners Presbyterian Church (1200 Winton Rd S.) is Larry Sugarman and nice guy and talented acoustic solist Kinloch Nelson starting around 7:30 p.m. [source: WITR calendar]

JayceLand Pick Tonight at Daily Perks (389 Gregory St.) from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. is Lisa Bigwood, one of my favorite acoustic soloists, Maria Gillard, and Nora KaminskiMySpace link who's young but getting to be pretty good too. [source: Daily Perks calendar] [all ages]

The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing Zizek! starting at 8 p.m. This documentary follows around the titular "academic rock star" of a philosopher. [source: Eastman House calendar] [all ages]

JayceLand Pick Rumor has it that the great groove-rock band The BuddhaHoodMySpace link and the UofR band The Chris Coon Trio will be performing in The May Room in The Wilson Commons at The University of Rochester (Library Road, details on River Campus Map). [source: the proverbial grapevine]

I never make it out, but Dinosaur Bar-B-Que (99 Court St.) is once again hosting the blues-charged rock-and-roll of Buford and the Smoking Section around 10 p.m. [source: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que calendar]

JayceLand Pick Apparently Spy Bar (139 State St.) will be hosting a hip-hop night around 10 p.m. with/called Alien Arm presumably featuring Hoogs, Steve ClothoMySpace link, and Almyt sponsored by Polish SoupMySpace link. [source: RocWiki] [21+]

Tonight and tomorrow is another Geva Comedy ImprovMySpace link show at Nextstage at Geva (75 Woodbury Blvd.) starting at 10:30 each night. [source: Geva Comedy Improv e-mail]

This afternoon at Abundance Cooperative Market (62 Marshall St.) is a harp performance by Mary Shannon. [source: Abundance Co-op calendar] [all ages]

JayceLand Pick This evening at EcoHouse (1201 Genesee St., see also their RocWiki page) is the Ecohouse Potluck starting at 6:30 p.m. [source: RocWiki calendar]

Tonight's the second night of the Mardi Gras Fest at Water Street Music Hall (204 N. Water St.) this time starting at 8 p.m. and featuring The Blue Sky Mission ClubMySpace link in the music hall and wicked fun percussive groove-rock from The BuddhaHoodMySpace link with Derek and the Deckchairs, and Kevin MacConkey in the club. [source: Water Street calendar] [all ages]

The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing The Godfather starting at 8 p.m. Need I say more? [source: Eastman House calendar] [all ages]

Over at Richmond's (21 Richmond St.) starting around 10:30 p.m. is a band called Something Else ... probably groove-rock, but you can never tell. [source: Freetime]

JayceLand Pick There's really nothing like a GaragePop punk-rock show ... at The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave.) starting around 10:45 p.m. is great punk-rock from The QUiTTERSGarageBand linkMySpace link, straightforward punk-rock from The PurrsMySpace link (and back-from-the-dead) along with more great rock-and-roll from The Grinders, and Hothead. [source: Bug Jar calendar]

Tonight's another Betty's Sing-a-Long at Betty Meyer's Bullwinkle Café (622 Lake Ave.) starting around 10.

JayceLand Pick Tonight at Downstairs Cabaret (172 West Main St.) is another Improv Challenge featuring Nuts and Bolts Improv Troupe (see their site at ImprovAmerica too) starting at 7 p.m. [source: Nuts and Bolts website]

The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing Speedy starting at 7 p.m. Philip C. Carli will accompany this silent film of outrageous slapstick. [source: Eastman House calendar] [all ages]

Starry Nites Café (696 University Ave., formerly Moonbeans) is hosting their weekly Open Mike Poetry tonight at 7 p.m. [source: Starry Nites calendar] [all ages]

Although I generally have a less-than-good time at Milestones (170 East Ave.) they have a good lineup with The PietastersMySpace link, good and fun punk-rock from The Flour City KnuckleheadsGarageBand linkMySpace link, and fun ska band Mrs. Skannotto starting around 7 p.m. [source: WBER calendar]

This evening at Verb Café at Writers and Books (740 University Ave.) is Latter Day Playwrights starting around 7:30 p.m. It's basically Geva actors reading local non-playwrights' short plays. [source: Writers and Books calendar] [all ages]

Tonight at 8 p.m. at The Bop Shop (274 N. Goodman St., in Village Gate Square) is another one of their typically incredible shows, this time with The Cuong Vu Trio. [source: Bop Shop calendar] [all ages]

JayceLand Pick Ossia New Music will be doing one of their unusually not-boring-classical performances tonight at Kilbourn Hall at Eastman Theatre (60 Gibbs St.) featuring Milton Babbitt's Swan Song No.1, Scott Petersen's kera clem, and Pierre Boulez' Sur Incises. [source: Ossia New Music calendar] [all ages]

Top Pick Tonight at 9:15 p.m. at The Little (240 East Ave.) is another show in the Emerging Filmmakers Series tonight featuring Richard Colosi's Different and Normal: My Life with Asperger Syndrome, Adrian Esposito's A Man and His Pig, Identity through Art: Six Rochester Asian American Artists from The Asian/Pacific Islander/American History Project of Greater Rochester (APA-HiP), and Daniel Swinton's White Wonder. [source: Little Theatre e-mail]

There's also Open Mic Poetry at Java's (16 Gibbs St.) starting around 9 p.m. [source: Java's calendar] [all ages]

Bored? Why not check out 1980's DJ night at The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave.) starting around 11 p.m. [source: Bug Jar calendar]

This morning at 7:30 a.m. in the cafeteria overlooking the arboretum in Bausch and Lomb (140 Stone St.) is the Artists Breakfast Group meeting ... anyone interested in art or creativity is invited.

JayceLand Pick Around lunchtime today is another Tuesday Topics lecture in Kate Gleason Auditorium at The Rochester Public Library (115 South Ave.) from 12:12 p.m. to 12:52 p.m. Today, Rev. George Tyger of The First Universalist Church of Rochester (150 South Clinton Ave.) will discuss Dr. Dean H. Hamer's book, The God Gene : How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes. [source: Rochester Public Library calendar] [all ages]

JayceLand Pick Gosh, who doesn't want to see the shiny new mayor? Well now you can because Mayor Robert J. Duffy will be hosting a Mayor's Night In in the atrium at City Hall (30 Church St.) tonight from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. They're also noting free parking at The Sister Cities Parking Garage (28 N. Fitzhugh St.) for the event. [source: City Hall press release]

Tonight at The Montage Live (50 Chestnut St., formerly the Montage Grille) is a "Helping through Heritage" Benefit for The Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong (601 Elmwood Ave.) starting at 7 p.m. ... I believe this is the same group who regularly do the Words of Wisdom Talent Showcase as they were talking about setting up some shows. [source: Montage calendar]

The Dryden Theater at George Eastman House (900 East Ave.) will be showing Deadfall starting at 8 p.m. in which a cat burglar gets involved with his intended victim's wife, yada yada ... [source: Eastman House calendar] [all ages]

Tonight at The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave.) starting around 9:30 p.m. or so is a Rock Star Singer-songwriter Night with acts "to-be-determined" ... [source: Bug Jar calendar] [18+]

Daily Perks (389 Gregory St.) is hosting an Acoustic Open Mic from 8 to 10. [source: Daily Perks calendar] [all ages]

Today at 12 p.m. at Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport (180 St. Paul St., in the Smith-Gormley Company building) is an informational meeting for The Genesee Valley Cycling Club (GVCC). [source: RocWiki]

JayceLand Pick This afternoon at 5 p.m. in Morey Room 314 at The University of Rochester (Elmwood Ave. at Intercampus Dr., details on River Campus Map) is a showing of La Haine (Hate). [source: University of Rochester Events Calendar]

Poor People United meets tonight and every Wednesday at 7 at St. Joseph's House of Hospitality (402 South Ave.) [source: the proverbial grapevine]

There's an Open Mic for Acoustic Music at Boulder Coffee Co. (100 Alexander St.) tonight around 8. [source: the proverbial grapevine]

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