Drinking Games

Every so often after knocking back a few...bottles of Stolichnaya Vodka ...yeah, that's it...I watch TV or something and come up with a new drinking game. Basically, all of them have the same rules: "If any events in the following list occur, drink once or per the instructions."

First was the " Wings -- The Drinking Game" (based on the airplane show on the Discovery Channel). Then came " Beyond 2000 -- The Drinking Game," again based on a Discovery Channel show. Finally, and more generally, is the " 1980's Video Drinking Game" which is based on, believe it or not, 80's music videos.

Admittedly, the list is still small, but it'll keep growing, now that I have a repository for my brilliance. Or whatever you'd like to call it, just don't let me know about it because I don't really care.

Last updated 1996-Feb-14


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